So my hubby eats frozen pancakes for breakfast sometimes. I forgot to put another bag of them on the list this past weekend. Yeah, that was dumb but I thought he had enough for the week. So on Saturday I looked up a recipe for pancakes . I made some for me(that didn’t turn out as great at first) but the ones I made for my wonderful hubby turned out good. He actually likes them! The only thing I was worried about was not having baking powder. I used baking soda(yeah, thought for sure I had some powder!) I only used like a 1/4 of a teaspoon but when I make them again I’ll have baking powder so I can make them properly.

They were a bit flour-y tasting and I think that was because I don’t have a sifter. I’ll have to remember to mix them better next time too. So for the next batch, I’ll need powder and a better bowl. I used a plastic container. Lol.

They were kind of thin, which was his only complaint. Hopefully when I have baking powder they will come out bigger. But if not, oh well. I’ll make him more.

To mine, I put some cinnamon on one side while the other was cooking. In his, I shaved up some pieces of leftover chocolate candy and sprinkled it into the mix before cooking them(he likes the chocolate chip pancakes but doesn’t eat much chocolate. Go figure. Lol)

When they were cool, I froze them individually on a cookie sheet then when they were done I bagged them up in sandwich bags and put them back in the freezer. I’ll have to get the air out better next time so they don’t get frosty. They haven’t yet and hopefully they won’t. He’s still eating them so they must be good! 😀

Til next time!