My New Year’s Resolutions for 2017!


I have decided on my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017! They aren’t set in stone but I’m going to attempt to accomplish all of these during the year.

My list!

  1. Be BRAVE! This is my first and main goal. If nothing else gets done, then I want to be brave this year. I want to do more things that scare me or make me hesitate at first and to do things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Anxiety has always been a problem for me and while I know that it may continue to bother me, I don’t want it to control me anymore. Brave is also going to be my word for the year in my bullet journal. Bullet journaling is an idea I’m trying out with a spiral notebook even though it is usually done in nicer notebooks.
  2. Get my license. This one goes with #1. I’m going to get my license and stop letting fear get in my way.
  3. Savor my time with my daughter. This one is self-explanatory. Time goes by so fast and my sweet baby girl is already almost four months old! I want to make the most of my time with her, especially during her first year.
  4. Relearn to crochet. I plan on getting some crochet hooks and learning how to crochet. I always see beautiful crocheted pieces online and I want to learn to do that too.
  5. Write, write, write! I’m going to work on blogging more often, edit books I have written and write and publish more. I miss writing and creating worlds and stories, though I don’t miss the editing portion!
  6. Become a better photographer. I love taking pictures and I’m hoping to one day become good enough to use it as a side job but I need to be better at taking pictures first and then get a different camera, preferably a DSLR. The little point and shoot we have doesn’t take great every day pictures, let alone professional ones. My hubby says his phone camera takes better pictures! Lol!
  7. Do yoga at least 3 times a week. I miss doing yoga every day but I’m going to shoot for at least 3x a week for now. It was always so relaxing for me and incredibly enjoyable. Which brings me to my next one…
  8. Lose weight! I have a personal goal that I want to get to and I’m hoping to get there this year by eating better/ less and exercising.
  9. Do 15 minutes of Spanish at least 3 times a week also. I haven’t done any Spanish before my baby girl was born and I was getting pretty good.
  10. Go green…ish.  I want to use less and waste less by reducing, reusing, and recycling.


My list is pretty long but I’m going to do my best and if I can’t quite accomplish them all, then that will be ok. I don’t plan on stressing myself out to the point of frustration and exhaustion to get these things done because I feel like setting resolutions is a way of bettering yourself. You can’t better yourself if you’re stressed out all of the time.

What are your resolutions or goals? Share what your plans are for 2017 below!! 🙂

The Reason for Christmas


This post is more of a reflection than a devotion. I had something else planned for Christmas but came to a realization.

I am so human. My mortality has become increasingly apparent to me since my sweet daughter was born in September.

She is growing so fast and I have been savoring my days with her as much as I can, knowing that she will be grown and gone before I know it. But as I was listening to one of my favorite Christmas songs this month, I realized how much I truly love her. As ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ played in the background while I talked to her, I realized just how much God truly loves us. I think it is something that you don’t really come to terms with until you become a parent. Because when a tiny little child is born to you and looks up at you with those beautiful eyes, you realize you would do anything to protect them.


I love my daughter so much and I would do anything to protect her. I can’t imagine what Mary went through as she saw her Son hanging on that cross but what truly blows my mind is what God had to have gone through. Not only did he send Jesus to die for us, He turned His back on His ONLY Son as He died. I knew He loved me, loved us, but it really hit me as I listened to that song.

How much love could God have for us, for the entire world, past, present, and future, that He would let Jesus die for us? I could never let my daughter die for someone who hated her, spat at her, didn’t believe in her. I wouldn’t let her. But God has so much more mercy and forgiveness than I do.

And Jesus loves us too. He proved it when He was born this season, coming to us in human form, taking the servant role instead of the King of Kings role that He deserves, just so that we could all live with Him in Heaven some day.

I had planned to talk about the prophecies throughout the Bible of Jesus’ birth last week and then write about His birth this week but this thought came up and wouldn’t go away. It’s not the usual blog post about Christmas but I felt it was important. I felt like I had to share about Jesus’ coming this way. He came so that we could live with Him in Heaven one day and God’s love for us is more than infinite. I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but really, neither does His love for us.

Remember His love for us this Christmas and show that love to others, especially your family. God gave them to you just as He gave me my sweet little one.