What We Ate This Week: Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles, & Mac N Cheese!


Preeeetttyy sure our St. Patrick’s Day breakfast is a keeper!

I made green pancakes with the mix from Sam’s Club for breakfast. I used soy milk instead of water and added some green food coloring before cooking them. I realized later I should have added the rainbow sprinkles into it but oh well. Maybe next time. I did add some vanilla extract to the batter.

I melted some peanut butter in the microwave and drizzled it on mine and Miss Sassy’s and lightly smeared some on Little T’s before cutting her pancake into strips. I did add some of the rainbow sprinkles on top and Little T scraped them off and ate them before eating the pancake. 😀

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (5)

Miss Sassy had two that morning, which is more than she usual has when we have pancakes.

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (6)

They were such a big hit, I had hubby pull the leftovers out of the freezer before they froze because the girls kept eating on them throughout the day!


Also on St. Patrick’s Day, we went to the local Children’s Museum so I packed us sandwiches and pretzels and raisins and a pancake and homemade fruit pouch for Little T so we could eat before we went grocery shopping after having a blast at the museum.

What to do with purees when you’re baby led weaning (2)

Sandwiches actually was on the menu more than once because we went out several times this week.

One afternoon, I made macaroni and cheese in the Crockpot and we had tuna with them. Some of us had it plain and some on bread or toast. Miss Sassy preferred her tuna with mayo tho I gave her both with mayo and without. I tried adding some spices to my sandwich but all I got was heat. No extra flavor. Oh well. Maybe it was the pickles…hmmm…

We also had these yummy teriyaki noodles from Aldi.

I stir fried some frozen veggies and added some eggs for egg fried veggies.

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (10)

I also mixed in some hoisin sauce, reduced sodium soy sauce, and some spicy saigon sizzle stir fry sauce. SO GOOD!

We had the rest of pizza from a previous night’s dinner.

Smoothies with lunch once was due to shooting some pictures for a previous blog post and the girls loved them.

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (14)

This was a different sandwich but good! I smashed some chickpeas and mixed in some mayo and some gourmet burger seasoning from Sam’s Club. So good!

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (15)


Refried bean burritos again with rice and some diced tomatoes w/ chilies mixed into the beans. Had some leftover cheese from the macaroni so I made a big quesadilla for the girls to split and added some cheese to mine and hubby’s burritos. Miss Sassy helped me make dinner by sprinkling cheese on everything. 🙂 🙂

What We Ate This Week_ Green Pancakes, Asian Noodles & Mac N Cheese! (16)

In a rush, we had peanut butter and jelly as well. Huh. We had a lot of sandwiches this week. Lol.

We got home late one evening and were tired so we just had pizza and cheese bread and bananas. Girls were happy. 🙂


What did you all have this week? I hope this blog post gives you some ideas!



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What We Ate This Week: Lots of Leftovers!

Besides breakfast, everything I made this week ended up making a lot of leftovers so that’s what we ate on this week!


Finished off the banana bread on Sunday. Def gonna have to find some more easy yummy fruit/ veggie quick breads because Miss Sassy loved it!

Got a lot of cereal with WIC this past week so we’ve had that. Little T enjoys Cheerios with a bit of soy milk so it’s good all around! Lots of iron in those little Os!

And oatmeal of course.


Hubby wanted to try a mango habanero blend of seasonings on some chickpeas. I enjoyed them too when I mashed and mixed them with mayo as a chickpea salad and on toast. Had it with some leftover chili on fries.

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (1).png

Girls had the chili and fries separately and kiwi.

One afternoon we had black beans and rice with crispy potatoes and kiwi.


What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (4)

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (5)

We also had quick pb&js and applesauce and yogurt.


Refried bean burritos with rice and corn and applesauce.

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (6).png

Made another batch of black bean burgers with potato wedges and they were so good! Basically the same concept as the crispy potatoes.

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (7)

Slice into wedges then soak in water for at least a half hr to help with the crispy factor then drain and toss with a little oil and season. I forgot to put a little oil on the wedges but they were still good!

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (8)

So we had burgers, wedges, and carrots.

What We Ate This Week_ Lots of Leftovers! (9)

What did you have this week? What do you do with leftovers? Eat em or freeze em?

Hope this helps!


What We Ate This Week: Another Birthday, Some Burgers & Paaancakessss!

It was hubby’s turn to have a birthday this week! Wooo! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of our lunch at the Mexican restaurant he picked.


It was pretty good though! Got an avocado burrito that had beans and cheese and large chunks of avocado in it. Yum. Service was lacking which was unusual for that place but whaddya gonna do? *shrugs*

Hubby got his usual asada burrito and Miss Sassy got a cheeseburger and fries while we ordered Little T a cheese quesadilla and rice and beans. Miss Sassy ate most of the rice and beans however and Little T had a little of everything except burger. Lol.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers & Pancaaakessss! (13)



One morning, we had leftover pancakes and eggs. I had made a big batch one afternoon as some for lunch and some to freeze for another time. I added baby puree to the pancake batter since Little T doesn’t care for it too much and we have so much thanks to WIC. We took a more baby-led weaning approach to feeding her and it’s been great! (<– affiliate link)

I may do a separate post on what we use extra baby food for! Hmmm…

We also had the usual oatmeal and cereal. *shrugs*

We had some delicious banana bread I baked yesterday using Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget by Olivia Biermann. (<– affiliate link)

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (9)




What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (10)

It was breakfast this morning with yogurt and corn. Which was requested by Miss Sassy. She and Little T ate quite a bit of corn and had a little yogurt and bread.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (12)


Pancakes, black bean burgers and hamburgers, chilironi (homemade vegetarian chili & macaroni). Miss Sassy calls macaroni just roni so I combined the names for this meal. 🙂

Sides were strawberries or corn or baked beans. Basically whatever we needed to eat up that day or whatever fruit or veggie we were in the mood for.


For the peanut butter, I just warmed it in the microwave and spread it on mine and thinly spread some on Little T’s strips before handing her one. I expected Miss Sassy to dip her strips but she just ate it on the fork. *shrugs*


Dinner was also black bean burgers one night after photographing the recipe for an upcoming post.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (5)

We also had these great Thai Sesame Noodles for lunch one day and then some leftovers as dinner one night. I made the noodles, microwaved some frozen veggies then tossed em in and then decided to add some chickpeas for protein. The chickpeas were drained and rinsed then I mixed in a bit of soy sauce and hoisin sauce before warming them in the microwave as well.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (7)

Smashed black beans with salsa and mayo one night with kiwi while the girls had some kind of leftover.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (6)

Last night, the girls had baked beans, macaroni and cheese, kiwi and carrots. Little T didn’t eat much, preferring to nurse and nap while Miss Sassy and I ate. Then she had a bunch of macaroni. Lol. I think I had toast with mayo and chili beans on top and carrots and kiwi. And some macaroni later on of course. Lol.

This was Miss Sassy’s plate.

What We Ate This Week_ Another Birthday, Some Burgers &amp; Pancaaakessss! (11)

We’re almost out of kiwis but these girls love them. Of course they have to love the labor intensive fruits. Miss Sassy also adores cherries. *sighs*

What did your family love this week? Let me know if you try any of these recipes or this helps you! I definitely recommend the banana bread. Miss Sassy adored it.




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What We Ate This Week: Birthday Lunch & A Vegan Chocolate Cake!

What We Ate This Week_ Birthday Lunch &amp; A Vegan Chocolate Cake! (6)


My birthday was during this past week and I had so much fun! Hubby arranged for a lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and the chow mein was soooo good!

Then while the girls napped in the car, hubby got me a Blizzard and I got it all to myself! 😀 😀

What We Ate This Week_ Birthday Lunch &amp; A Vegan Chocolate Cake! (2)
Chow Mein for lunch!
What We Ate This Week_ Birthday Lunch &amp; A Vegan Chocolate Cake! (3)
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard all to myself!

That was only one lunch though. Lol


Oatmeal and cereal again. Pretty boring but we still prefer quick and easy meals in the morning.

I did try a play on carrot cake with a bowl of oatmeal one morning by adding some matchstick carrots, raisins, and some vanilla extract. It was ok. I think I added a bit too much vanilla.



For other lunches, we had leftovers from dinner (see below) and sandwiches some days. Peanut butter & jelly usually.

However, one day we went with hubby to his monthly meeting at work and I made an amazing cake.

An amazing chocolate cake.

That was vegan!

What We Ate This Week_ Birthday Lunch &amp; A Vegan Chocolate Cake! (5)

However, I can’t take credit for this delicious beauty. You’ll have to go find the recipe here on Liv B’s website:


I did double the recipe so that I could make it into a sheet cake and found that it only took around 30 ish mins like this. I could smell it and since I bake often, I knew it was getting close to being done.

They had other stuff but most of it had meat in it and so I had cake and chips and some veggies and pasta. Hehe.


So some of our dinners were spaghetti with tomato, basil, garlic sauce form Aldi. I cooked some lentils with Italian seasoning, minced garlic, onion powder and some tomato paste. Then I added some frozen spinach to the lentils near the end of the cooking time. I accidentally added too much water to the lentils so I ended up dumping the sauce into the lentils. Very good and filling! Little T especially loves the lentils.


We also had sandwiches, fruit & corn with crockpot macaroni & cheese. I don’t exactly have a recipe for the mac n cheese because it’s a version of a recipe I found once online. It’s pretty good though!


The basic recipe for the mac n cheese is a pound of noodles, 1/2 – 1 lb of cheese, (depending on how cheesy you want it) a can of evaporated milk and 2-4 cups of milk. You add more milk or cheese depending on what you need. It cooks in the crockpot for about an hour on high or an hour and a half to two hours on low. It’s not really a recipe you can leave alone because you have to stir it during this time or the cheese won’t mix in and it will stick to the sides.

We also had pizza because we needed something quick and I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t wanna cook anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had days like that. I mean that’s what frozen pizza is for. *shrugs*

Another recipe I tried was a Mexican white bean soup but I didn’t make it exactly like the recipe so I can’t really pass judgement on it. Lol.

I hope this helps you all with your meal plan for the week! I definitely recommend making that chocolate cake next time you need a treat! 😉



Money Saving Mini-Series: Meal Planning

Money Saving Mini-Series 2017

When you make your meal plan, try to create as many meals around an ingredient as you can. This way, you buy less food and then less food will go to waste. Like crockpot salsa chicken for my enchiladas (see pic below) can be mixed into refried bean burritos or top nachos with cheese, sour cream or guac, and salsa. All of those are delicious options that go together and can use up leftover ingredients.

chicken enchilada piece.1

Make a grocery list and stick with it, taking into consideration what you have in the pantry (#4 on the basics post – must add link) when making your list and meal plan. I look on Pinterest all the time for meal ideas when I’m bored of our staples. We usually stick with easy and filling meals that produce leftovers for the next day to give mama a break from cooking. 😉

Keeping your pantry stocked with staples will also help when funds are low or deals aren’t what you normally eat. It’s also helpful on a last minute trip out or to the park. Fix some sandwiches, fill up some water bottles and throw some sides into a lunchbox with the sandwiches. When we do this, we like to take applesauce pouches (not just for the baby. 😉 ) and something like cheese crackers or veggie straws. Non-perishable snacks like these keep in the pantry for a long time and help fill everyone up.

Some of our dinner staples are: my chicken enchiladas, tacos (made with ground turkey or beef depending on which is on sale/cheaper at that time), homemade pepperoni pizza, egg fried rice (with and without orange or teryaki chicken), chili, lentil quesadillas, potato soup with corn and spinach (still working on tweaking this recipe just right), refried bean burritos and hot dogs. Some of the sides we use a lot are mashed potatoes, various fruits or veggies, mac n cheese and tater tots or fries.

My hubby usually takes lemon pepper chicken or BBQ chicken sandwiches for lunch. PB&J, grilled cheese, ham & cheese-grilled and regular are easy, quick, and cheap lunches. He’ll take a couple of sandwiches sometimes as well. Lentil quesadillas, bean burritos and hot dogs double as lunch some days as well.

A great way to stretch food is to add in rice. Rice will go with the tacos, in the enchiladas and burritos, with the lentils if we run out of tortillas and hubby takes rice with his lemon pepper chicken. I add in refried beans to the taco meat as well to help stretch it. Doing this I can get several meals out of the taco meat instead of just a few.

Our breakfast meals are usually frozen sandwiches for him to eat on his way to work, oatmeal, cereal, toast, yogurt, and homemade pancakes. Breakfast tends to be quick and easy.

Snacks are usually peanut butter and apples, carrots and hummus, cheese sticks, and fruit. One of the best ways to save money on produce is to buy frozen if you don’t need fresh (like with hummus). You can mix frozen fruit into smoothies for a snack or to go with sandwiches for lunch.

When we have a little extra money, we like to try a couple of new recipes so if you have any favorite recipes, share them in the comments below!


So my hubby eats frozen pancakes for breakfast sometimes. I forgot to put another bag of them on the list this past weekend. Yeah, that was dumb but I thought he had enough for the week. So on Saturday I looked up a recipe for pancakes . I made some for me(that didn’t turn out as great at first) but the ones I made for my wonderful hubby turned out good. He actually likes them! The only thing I was worried about was not having baking powder. I used baking soda(yeah, thought for sure I had some powder!) I only used like a 1/4 of a teaspoon but when I make them again I’ll have baking powder so I can make them properly.

They were a bit flour-y tasting and I think that was because I don’t have a sifter. I’ll have to remember to mix them better next time too. So for the next batch, I’ll need powder and a better bowl. I used a plastic container. Lol.

They were kind of thin, which was his only complaint. Hopefully when I have baking powder they will come out bigger. But if not, oh well. I’ll make him more.

To mine, I put some cinnamon on one side while the other was cooking. In his, I shaved up some pieces of leftover chocolate candy and sprinkled it into the mix before cooking them(he likes the chocolate chip pancakes but doesn’t eat much chocolate. Go figure. Lol)

When they were cool, I froze them individually on a cookie sheet then when they were done I bagged them up in sandwich bags and put them back in the freezer. I’ll have to get the air out better next time so they don’t get frosty. They haven’t yet and hopefully they won’t. He’s still eating them so they must be good! 😀

Til next time!