God is Our Provider – Genesis Was Just The Beginning.

“Then Abraham looked up and glanced around, and behold, behind him was a ram caught in a thicket by his horns. And Abraham went and took the ram and offered it up for a burnt offering (ascending sacrifice) instead of his son. So Abraham named that place Heb YHWH jireh. Lit the Lord will see (in the sense of “see to it”).The Lord Will Provide. And it is said to this day, “On the mountain of the Lord it Heb YHWH jireh. Lit the Lord will see (in the sense of “see to it”).will be seen and provided.” “ — Genesis 22:13-14 AMP

The underlined text here is a side note. But it’s such an important side note to help us understand Who God is. One of the key attributes of God is that He is our Provider.

Here is a little bit of info expanding on Jireh/Yireh:

Hebrew: ra’ah. This is the common term used in references to the natural function of the eyes and is thus most often translated as see. The word also has a number of metaphorical meanings, such as acceptance and provision. It can even convey the notion of assurance and salvation. In Job 42:5, the word means “to see” in the sense of “to come to recognize” or “to experience fully” something previously known or understood. At times the word is associated with a prophetic message, as a prophet is described as seeing a vision from God.

Yahweh-Yireh means the LORD will see in the sense that He will see to it because Yireh also translates as ra’ah which means ‘see’ or ‘behold’. One of His names literally tells us that He sees us and that He provides for us! Because He does! And when He sees our need, He will provide for us. This name refers to God as being our Provider!

Here, Abraham was so thankful for the ram he received from God that he named the mountain after God and His Provision! He wanted everyone to be reminded that God is their Provider. Abraham had the faith that God would give him what he needed, just as he told Isaac a few verses back.

Here is an AMP side note for this verse: Abraham had complete faith and trust in God. Because God’s covenant with him depended on Isaac, Abraham may have anticipated that God would reveal to him an alternative to the sacrifice of Isaac, as He in fact did (vv 11-13). But Abraham was determined to carry out what God had commanded him to do, because of his faith in God’s promise.

When we put our faith and trust in God, realizing that everything we have comes from Him, we see clearly the provision in our lives. He gives us everything we need, as we’ll see in this series: God is Our Provider!

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