Hosea Chapter 10


Here we go with Chapter 10!


Jeremiah ch2 vs28 NKJV

We see here that Israel has taken all of the fruit for himself and increased the altars. As there is only one God, they only need one altar. But they are back to their old idolatrous ways. Pillars are erected and embellished according to the bounty of Israel. The bounty God gave them but they aren’t giving Him the glory and credit.

The heart of Israel is divided between idols and against the Lord who rescued them from slavery. He holds them guilty, of course. They have sinned and they must pay for it. God will destroy their altars and pillars they have for their false gods.


Zephaniah ch1 vs5 GNT (2)

2 Kings 17:3-4: Emperor Shalmaneser of Assyria made war against him; Hoshea surrendered to Shalmaneser and paid him tribute every year. But one year Hoshea sent messengers to So, king of Egypt, asking for his help, and stopped paying the annual tribute to Assyria. When Shalmaneser learned of this, he had Hoshea arrested and put in prison. GNT

They say they have no king and even if they did, what use would he be to them? They don’t fear the Lord and they’ve lied. A king anointed by God is of no use to the Israelites. Judgement will come upon them for their evil ways.


1 Kings ch12 vs28-29 GNT (2)

Because of their idols, Samaria lives in fear. Shame will come upon Israel and Ephraim because of idols and unwise counsel. The idol will be carried to Assyria and will increase their shame.

1 Kings 13:34: This sin on his part brought about the ruin and total destruction of his dynasty. GNT

Samaria and Israel will be cut off and destroyed due to their sin. Their altars will be overrun with weeds and thorns. In their anguish, they will want the mountains to fall on and destroy them.

Isaiah 2:19:  People will hide in caves in the rocky hills or dig holes in the ground to try to escape from the Lord’s anger and to hide from his power and glory, when he comes to shake the earth. GNT


Revelation ch6 vs16 GNT (2)

The Israelites have sinned for a long time so when God desires, He will punish them. Other nations will gather against them and bind them. The Israelites will be in slavery once more for their wickedness.

Jeremiah 50:11: The Lord says, “People of Babylonia, you plundered my nation. You are happy and glad, going about like a cow threshing grain or like a neighing horse, GNT

He will cause the Israelites to work and plow. Despite telling them to sow righteousness in order to reap mercy, they plow wickedness, reap iniquity and eat the fruit of lies.

Job 4:8: I have seen people plow fields of evil and plant wickedness like seed; now they harvest wickedness and evil. GNT

Because of their sin and trust in themselves instead of God, He will destroy them, cut them off and dash them to pieces.


Galatians ch6 vs7-8 GNT (2)

Sorry it took so long to post chapter 10! Blogging and babies do not go hand in hand! 😀 I’m finding time to do little bits here and there now that she’s older. So tell me what you think of chapter 10 in the comments!


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